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LP0420-1280-70A is a high performance Lead Acid Replacement battery produced by CHAM battery manufacturer. With a rated voltage of 12.8V and a rated capacity of 72.5Ah, this battery provides you with a reliable power storage solution. Adopting advanced lithium battery technology, LP0420-1280-70A has low internal resistance and low self-discharge rate (<3% per Month), which can provide stable and reliable power output. The battery is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, has IP66 protection performance, and can be used in various harsh environments. LP0420-1280-70A also has high charge and discharge performance, the recommended charge current is 16A, the maximum charge current is 80A, and the maximum continuous discharge current is 80A. It is light in weight and the terminal adopts M81.2514mm specification, which is convenient for installation and connection.

18650 2600mah

Uses of Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Uses of Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Energy storage Lead Acid Replacement battery has a wide range of uses and diversification.

First, it can serve as a core component of home and commercial solar energy storage systems, converting solar power into storable energy to supply off-grid electricity needs.

Secondly, Lead Acid Replacement battery plays an important role in the field of UPS backup power. It can provide stable backup power for key equipment, ensure the continuous operation of industrial and commercial activities, and avoid losses caused by power outages.

In addition, energy storage Lead Acid Replacement batteries are also widely used in electric vehicle power systems to provide efficient and reliable power sources for electric vehicles and promote the development of clean energy transportation.

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18650 rechargeable battery 2600mah
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