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Semi-solid Battery

310Wh/kg semi-solid battery, a cutting-edge energy storage solution with impressive features. With over 8,000 cycles, this battery offers exceptional durability and long-term performance. It excels in both safety and energy density, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This battery is capable of fast charging, reaching 80% state of charge (SOC) in just 15 minutes. With a high energy density of 310Wh/kg, it provides efficient power storage for various needs. The 310Wh/kg semi-solid battery is a reliable choice for applications that require fast charging, high safety, and extended cycle life. Whether used in ESS or EV, it offers efficient energy utilization and optimal performance.

semi solid battery

Durability of Semi-solid Batteries

Durability of Semi-solid Batteries

Semi-solid batteries are an emerging battery technology with certain durability characteristics. It employs a stable electrolyte and electrode material that allows for more charge-discharge cycles without significant degradation in performance. Semi-solid batteries usually have better resistance to overcharge and overdischarge, which helps to protect the stability and durability of the battery. Semi-solid batteries generally have good shock resistance, vibration performance, and good thermal stability, making semi-solid batteries a reliable and durable energy storage solution. With the further development and maturity of technology, the durability of semi-solid batteries is expected to be further improved, providing longer-term energy storage solutions for various applications.

Gallery of 310Wh/kg Semi-solid Battery

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