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CMINR 18650 F9E 3500mAh

The positive electrode material of the battery is lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) or nickel cobalt manganese (LiNiCoMnO2), the negative electrode material is graphite (Graphite), and the electrolyte is an organic solution. This chemical composition makes the battery have high energy density and high charge and discharge efficiency. The battery has a rated capacity of 3500 mAh, which is suitable for devices that need to be powered for a long time. Examples include portable electronic devices, notebook computers, power tools, electric vehicles, and solar energy storage systems.

18650 3500mah
18650 3500

Advantages of CMINR F9E 18650 Lithium Battery

Advantages of CMINR F9E 18650 Lithium Battery

CMINR lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density and capacity, and are generally more suitable for applications with lightweight and high energy requirements than lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

CMINR lithium-ion batteries perform better in terms of cycle life, generally providing longer cycle life and better cycle stability.

CMINR lithium-ion batteries are relatively more stable in terms of safety, have stronger resistance to overcharge and overdischarge, and can provide higher safety performance.

The production cost of CMINR lithium-ion batteries is relatively high, but with the advancement of technology and the expansion of scale, its cost has gradually decreased.

Gallery of CMINR 18650 F9E 3500mAh

18650 3500ma
3500 18650
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