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500Wh Portable Power Station

CHAM Battery's 500Wh Portable Power Station provides an efficient energy solution for your outdoor adventures and emergencies. This power station has a high-capacity lithium battery capable of providing reliable power to a variety of devices. Whether it is camping, hiking or outdoor gathering, the 500Wh battery capacity is more than enough to meet your needs. It is equipped with multiple output interfaces, which can charge multiple devices at the same time, including mobile phones, tablets, lighting equipment, etc. Portable and lightweight design allows you to easily carry it, whether it is in a backpack or in the car is very convenient. At any time, whether it's outdoor adventures or home backup, CHAM Battery's 500Wh portable power station is your reliable energy partner.

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OEM and Customization of Portable Power Stations

OEM and Customization of Portable Power Stations

CHAM Battery provides OEM and customized services for lithium battery portable power stations to meet the needs of different customers. We have advanced production equipment and a professional manufacturing team, and can produce customized power station products according to customer requirements. We can adjust the power, capacity, interface type and other parameters of the power station according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of various application scenarios. In addition, we also provide appearance customization, including color, logo, etc., so that the power station can match the customer's brand or personal style. Whether you are a power station dealer, an outdoor equipment brand or an individual user, we can provide you with high-quality OEM and customized services to achieve differentiated competition from the market.

Gallery of 500Wh Portable Power Station

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